The most progressive countries in the World — January

This is the January Issue of CPAC Index (December, November Issues). I described algorithm in the first (November) Issue.

Today I publish compound CPAC Index based on average for two months — January 2017 and December 2016. Shortly speaking, CPAC is the ratio of job openings for data scientists to the country population. It is used as a simple indicator of the country «progressiveness».

Leaders of January

European map is presented in the header (again, logarithmic scale), and below you can find tables with top countries. Top countries by population (first column is the worldwide rank). Last column is CPAC Index value (i.e. count of opened vacancies per 10M of citizens):

Top European countries ordered by CPAC Index:

Top World countries ordered by CPAC Index,:

November’16 — January’17 trends

Three months allow us building a basic trends. CPAC Index (ln) for top 20 countries change Nov-Dec-Jan:

Luxembourg has the highest CPAC index (it looks like this country accumulates European brains) and demonstrates permanent growth. At the same time, Switzerland stepped into the fight for talents with growing rate higher than Luxembourg’s one. Pink line corresponds to Malta — they do not need anymore data scientists in January (all 4 previously opened positions seems were closed in 2016).

The barchart below represents month-on-month changes for top countries. Change is calculated as % of change in absolute count comparing to previous month.

Leader in drop is Malta (but absolute counts were small — 3-4 data scientists). Leader in permanent growth is Switzerland followed by Luxembourg.

Please share and like. If you got questions on methodology, most of them disclosed in the first post here.