Overqualified? Go away forever!

img_2165-2In the middle of the last century, during the acceleration of scientific and technological progress and productivity growth, leading economists (eg, Keynes) predicted the epoch which requires much less human effort for demand satisfaction. Scientists believed in a reduction of the length of the working week because there is no need to produce much product. People will be able to devote more time to creativity and entertainment. (This article was inspired by this text in The Atlantic : Why Do Americans Work So Much?) [Russian readers, please proceed to the same text and discuss here]

Yes, this had happened, but in another form. The total duration of employment decreased per employable citizen. But, paradoxically, the length of the working week hasn’t been changed! What happened instead: the increasing proportion of people who simply do not have relevant job positions. Those who are employed are trying to prove their necessity, spending at the workplace their 40+ hours a week, and doing something. The total number of working hours is still the same. However, they collectively produce the same volume, because it is, in fact, already an excess. On the other hand, unemployed people do not have any good time at all: they don’t make creative arts and don’t entertain themselves. They are rather frustrating and hone the skills of narcissism and self-selling.

Another side of this paradox is in the fact that companies do not need to hire highly qualified staff. Such employees require higher salaries, and effectively produce more goods, which, in fact, aren’t claimed for economy. From the perspective of the global employer, it’s more profitable the hiring of university graduate with low salary because his skills are sufficient in terms of technological progress and the established business processes. Working time of the average qualified staff, in a large part, devoted to the intrigues to preserve the current status, keep small but the «key» part of work — all efforts in order to preserve their jobs only.

So we finally come to the observed increase in unemployed professionals who are superfluous in the economy. And that, contrary to expectations, not refugees, nor poorly educated people. Of course, the unemployed skilled professionals are in confusion: How so? I’m a tough guy, appeared to be not needed with all my skills. I’m invited to the junior positions only, with low wages! Sure, they do not understand anything! I’m rejected for the hundredth time with diagnose «overqualified».

Well, here’s the explanation why. Criticise, please.

And by the way, if you ask, and where to go? and where to look for work? — I got only bad news for you: there is no such place … except maybe on Mars.