How to improve your / his / my resume

improver-for-li-enAs LinkedIn is dedicated to business and job search, I used it intensively during a year searching new job for myself (read here). LinkedIn is a good aggregator of job openings and therefore one of the useful tools for the search of vacancies. Having this experience, I noticed a huge gap on labor market. It consequences to:

  • Companies are urgently searching for specialists however their job postings are open for months.
  • Professionals are searching for job for months but can’t even get interviewed.

This is a bug in recruitment process. I do not know how to change this industry in general (well, I know), but I thought that I could help both sides if potential employee would apply with a bright resume attractive for recruiter.

Yeah, the issue is in a bright resume: as the job seeker, you never get any feedback from recruiter and therefore do not know what does «bright resume» mean. I don’t have idea neither, especially having in mind that this resume is usually checked by ATS at a gateway… But I know the way how to make resume attractive for your potential manager, in case if recruiter shows papers to him by chance. This solution is realized in a free web service Improve-My-Resume.Social.

The idea is extremely simple: job seeker John loads his resume into the system. All other participants of the community can review the resume and make advices to the job seeker. John also makes favor reviewing other’s resumes. Why? Because, John must earn coins to load updated version of his resume for another review.

So, this is what you get: not the bright one, but anyway better than before.

If you need in review, try it out! No registration required, just use your LinkedIn credentials. Choose your job level and profession (classification is taken from LinkedIn) — these three features (along with language) are used to match relevant peers. Please remember: these reviews are prepared by people like you, so turn your brain on before make changes to your resume.

PS. I first met WordPress and PHP at the beginning of May, so please do not blame me if something doesn’t work. Better write me a note.

PPS. There are two languages in the system now — Russian and English. If your resume is written in any other — send me request via feedback form at the site.